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Hey, Sidneys1 here

Postby Sidneys1 » Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:13 am

Hey guys, most of you already know me from NXTasy.org, but if you don't I'll introduce myself quickly.

My name is Sid (amazingly), I'm 15, and I've been using the NXT for about three years now. My motto is "Always trying to help," and that's essentially what I do.

I originally got into the NXT with FLL, in which I competed for two years. I was team president and programmer both years, and both years we at made it to the Champion's Tournament. By the time the team dissolved, mainly due to age restrictions, we had accumulated 5 trophies, ranging from "Best Robot Design", to "Against All Odds", to "Programming Award, First Place".

I'm a programmer mainly, specializing in NXT-G and NXC (for the NXT anyways). I also am a PC programmer, and am fluent in C#. I showcase some of my stuff here.

Some of my current projects include a Mario-like game for the NXT, a Lego tumbler (batmobile), and various other projects. I have two NXTs, and lots of other sets, most notably the tracks and sprockets set and the 2009 OffRoader.

I beta-tested the NXT LineLeader for Mindsensors, and posted my results here. Check out my other YouTube videos for more NXT stuff. I also will be showcasing my NXT projects here, but for the moment that site is still under construction.

That's about it! I'm glad to be here, and will contribute as much as I can.

Have a nice day,
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